Volume 31 Issue 1-2 is now available for purchase and features work by Bruce Bond, Nancy Naomi Carlson, David Koehn, Meryl DePasquale, Katherine Factor, Colby Gillette, Dan Gutstein, Derek Henderson, Greg Hewett, Eunsong Kim, David Krump, Christopher Michel, Mani Rao, Andrew S. Nicholson, Broc Rossell, William Stobb, Terrell Jamal Terry, Jay Hopler, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, and Jackson Wills.

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  • Unsolicited manuscripts are welcome during our two open reading periods: 01 June-01 September and 01 December-01 March.

  • Interim now only accepts submissions through our submission manager, which will be closed outside our reading period. Submit work as a single document uploaded to Submittable. You may include your contact information either on each page of the uploaded document or in the appropriate field in the submission manager. Please include a brief biographical note. Note that any work submitted via email or postal service will be unopened and unread.

  • We accept simultaneous submissions provided that you notify us promptly by adding a note in Submittable┬áif the work has been accepted elsewhere.

  • Our reporting time is generally eight to twelve weeks, although we sometimes take longer over the winter holidays. Please do not inquire about your submission until at least twelve weeks have passed.

  • We do not accept previously published work.

  • Please do not send a further submission during any given reading period until you have received a response regarding your first.


Interim is a biannual creative writing publication that features poetry, translation, belles lettres, and work in hybrid forms. Neither Interim nor its editors have a prevailing aesthetic or political philosophy that they are willing to admit, and past contributors include writers as diverse as Martine Bellen, Anselm Berrigan, Robert Creeley, Norman Dubie, Brenda Hillman, Paul Hoover, Richard Hugo, Alice Notley, Anne Porter, Leslie Scalapino, Susan Schultz, Eleni Sikelianos, Arthur Vogelsang, Catherine Wagner.

Interim was founded by poet Wilber Stevens in 1944. In his tenure as editor of Interim, he published such luminaries as William Carlos William, Henry Miller, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and William Faulkner. Click for more information about Wilber Stevens.


Editor: Claudia Keelan

Assistant Editor: Derek Pollard

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